Life Line Magazine is a division of the non-profit Reclaiming the Land, Inc.  Currently published quarterly, it is circulated in State Florida, which is ranked 2nd in the United States in tourism.  The first year the concentration has been Northwest Florida, specifically Tallahassee the State Capital.  Objectively, we are poised to becoming a National Magazine; as we are developing partners across the nation.  Life Line Magazine captures your life through your eyes encouraging the use of the binoculars of faith, hope and love.  With experience Christian writers, we empower you to live through the sharing of the world through the binoculars of spiritual wisdom.                        
Life-Line continues to be a free publication and is supported by donations from ministry partners and advertising partners.  It contains information that is a vital link to Life:  Faith, Health, Politics, Community and World Views.  It also features information that empowers men to walk in their Godly authority, as man is critical to the sustainability of our families, communities, our State and nation.
The Life-Line Team is comprised of Editors, Product Managers, Writers, Graphic Designers, Photographers and Layout Staff; all who are committed to not only connecting you to Life , but connecting you to the best of Life.

We are comitted to giving you the best of "Life". We are the Life Line Magazine... "Your Vital Link to Life"
October Lifeline Magazine