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Joseph Project International is the umbrella for the prison ministry under the service delivery of Greg James Ministries. Through this component we provide prison and jail ministry, ministry development, community outreach and education, support to the formerly incarcerated, the incarcerated, and their children, while advocating when appropriate for legislation that protects the right of returning citizens’.

The story of Joseph is one of God’s mercy, and a story of redemption and divine protection during very difficult times. It is also the demonstration of the authority in the government that God entrusted to Joseph. God redeemed Joseph from the evil plans aimed at his destiny to be used as God’s vessel to save and protect the Jewish nation during the world’s famine. Joseph established storehouses during a season of plenty that provided food and supplies to Jews and Gentiles during the famine. He also saved his own family and reunited them as one.

Joseph Project International is committed to saving the lives of God’s people. Prison life can be very depleting, and the spirit of famine easily spreads into the lives of children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings and entire families. Joseph Project International is honored that God has chosen us to share from our storehouses in this season of their lives.

Thank you for committing to sharing what is in your store house, as well. What you give makes a positive difference in the lives of the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and their families. Please contact us for more information.

                  Fathers receive 1st Joseph Project Award 2014

               Pastor James embraces a returning citizen recently
                                              released from prison

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