Joseph Project International, Inc.

Overseer Gregory James Senior Pastor of Life Church International Center (LCIC), in Tallahassee, Florida is the visionary and Chief Builder of Joseph Project International (JPI). His vision for the JPI was manifested from his compassion for citizens returning from prison and or their incarceration experience to their, communities, their church and their families with the uncertainty of their acceptance.  To this end JPI was launched in 2013 to provide holistic support to reentrants and their families and to recognize reentrants who have returned to their community and pursued their dreams to become Entrepreneurs, while having to stand on an uneven playing field.

In addition, JPI aids in obtaining housing, education, employment, and other services as necessary for families to acclimate to the return of their family member from their incarceration experience. JPI has served 100’s of reentrants and families across the State of Florida and anticipate an expansion in their reach as other satellite offices open throughout the State of Florida.