Gregory James is the founder of Reclaiming the Land, Inc., and the founder and Overseer of Life Church International Center (LCIC), both headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida.   Pastor James chairs the general board that provides a broad spectrum of supervision over local and state churches within the LCIC network.

 (Pastor) Gregory James is an influential leader who serves God and his community with an excellence, integrity, energy and vitality that is propelled by the life experiences he has

acquired. Throughout the course of over 30 years of ministry, he has diligently developed and served on numerous humanitarian projects. Two of his most notable community service projects are CHAMPIONS (Children And Mentors & Parents Incarcerated Organizing National Support), an organization that supports children of incarcerated parents; and the 1000 Men Rally, a project that unified men of all walks of life under one common goal of togetherness and empowerment.

Pastor James has presented in various local, state and national forums and conferences.  He is frequently called upon to expound on the role, responsibility and much-needed commitment of the faith community to and in the lives of those re-entering society. 

Pastor James personally advocates for theocracy (God’s governmental order) as the foundation for teaching people about God’s order and empowering them to effectively employ that order when selecting and choosing elected officials to represent our communities, our state and our nation.

Pastor James is well acquainted with the wondrous grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sentenced to life plus 40 years in federal prison, Pastor James was released in 2008, after serving 13 years of incarceration--a far cry from the Life +40 years to which he was sentenced. Indeed, God had another plan for Pastor James.  Since his release a mere five years ago, God has thrust Pastor James into the forefront of those leading the fight to rehabilitate the disenfranchised in our communities.  James’ most recent undertaking, launching Ex-offenders National Summons (ENS), has effectively bridged a gap between the Department of Corrections and the local community. He also serves on advisory boards and councils for re-entry programs. 

Pastor Greg’s media ministries, which include a weekly radio broadcast, allow for thousands to receive the benefits of powerful ministerial advocacy, community evolution and empowerment from the ENS national outreach.  This ministry outreach unites and supports families of incarcerated individuals as well as individuals who are incarcerated.  Through educating the community on the disenfranchisement of these persons, ENS serves as the bridge from correction to community.

Gregory James’ voice is leading the nation in the area of reconciliation. His voice will continue to resound with godly influence throughout Christendom and beyond.  This evangelical, charismatic preacher and leader will continue to follow God’s plan for his life making God known all over the world as the only God of continuous chances who still heals, still delivers and still sets the captives free.

Life Church International Center
4409 Blountstown Highway
Tallahassee, Florida 32304


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*Greg James Ministries is a division of Reclaiming the Land, Inc., a non-profit organization registered in the United States under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.



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